Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal and Giveaway

I was parntered with another Virginian for Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Blog Party, Kelley of My Life One Bead at a Time, can not wait to see what she makes!!! I hope we get a chance to meet in the near future!

Kelley sent me a color combo that I do not normally work with, which is the point of the party.  I really wanted to use most of my soup and decided to work with waxed linen.

The earrings were laid out to be done, but I wanted to make the necklace first. The  black waxed linen really made the colors pop, so I decided to use it for the earrings and bracelet as well.  Below are the results and I pleased I was able to use the focal, both clasps and almost all the beads. The necklace and earrings are knotted and the bracelt is 3 strands crocheted and braided.

Enjoy hopping and now for the giveaway.

I had so much fun at Bead Fest I would like you all to  come to ArtBliss in Dulles, Virginia  September 21-23, it is a great event put on by Cindy Wimmer and Jeanette Blix, from the ArtBliss website:

“We are thrilled that the authors of three of this year’s hottest new jewelry design books will be present at artBLISS 2012!  Kerry Bogert will be signing copies of Rustic Wrappings, Erin will be signing copies of Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry and Lori Anderson will be signing copies of her Bead Soup.”

Lori, our fearless leader will also be coordinating a Destash It  social Saturday night that anyone can attend.

It is 10 minutes away from me  so I will be  taking Kerry Bogert’s lamp working class and enjoying spending time with old and new friends.

Please spread the word about ArtBliss and better yet try to come.

Please check the ArtBliss web site for all the details.

 I am giving away both pairs of earrings!

I will enter your name in the drawing for each time you spread the word about it, an extra chance for registering (those that are already registered get another chance too, just note it in the comments).

I have plans for the necklace and bracelet and will let you know when I post the winners, it is a surprise!  I will draw the winners out of  hat on September 1.  Good luck and enjoy all the other bead soups, there is a tab at the top of my page with all the participants. Thanks to Lori and Kelley, I just love this creative community!!

Bead Soup Blog Party 6

Bead Soup Blog Party 6 2012


  1. Love your creations! The colors are so energetic!

  2. Oh, Sandi! I’m out on my deck, alone, and I gasped and said Wow out loud! Stunning, My Beading Friend! I love how you used the knots and waxed linen (I’ve yet to accomplish this technique). I truly adore each piece, but if I had to choose a fave, it would have to be that oh-so-awesome bracelet. Seriously yummy with a spoon! Thanks for being a supportive, incredible partner in Bead Soupness. I hope I have made you proud with the gorgeous ingredients you sent me. The second set with the silver, pink, and green is in progress and I’ll post soon. Thanks for sending the wire – pushed me creatively. I successfully made my 1st wire wrapped bead! Let’s get together soon! Peace, Love, & Sunshine, Kel

  3. Beautiful pieces. Love the color combination.

  4. Sandi, I love your soup and the colors did not look like a challenge at all you created outstanding pieces. I love mixing green and purple together. I really love the crocheted necklace and bracelet, it looks very organic.

  5. I love the way you worked the colors in these. Really lovely job!

  6. I just love this set. The colors really make one sit up and take notice.

  7. Great work, I especially love how the colors come out.

  8. I have never tried waxed linen – I love the results you achieved with it! It really DOES make the colors pop! The multistrand bracelet is my favorite – it looks like a fun piece to wear!

  9. LOVE the black thread with those beads! And Kelley may be coming to artBLISS! Can’t wait to see you again!

  10. Nice job on your bead soup and all that knotting!! Lovely creations in one of my favorite colors! Well done!

  11. Love the colors!

  12. Cassie Donlen says:

    Wow Sandi….love what you created. They all flow perfectly together. The colors are fabulous and love the knotted look. You will have a blast in Kerry’s lamp working class. Wished I lived closer.

  13. I’m already planning to be at ArtBLISS…can’t wait to catch up!!! But, back to this soup…I am totally loving on the fibers and how awesome the black looks! I’m going to see if I can find some waxed linen in my own stash (since I can almost guarantee there’s some in there! haaaaaaaaa) See you soon!!!!

  14. what a fun set you made up. love those colors!

  15. I love your designs, I have not used waxed lined before but after seeing these I just may have to, they are all so fun looking. I am now following your blog too. I wish I could go to ArtBliss, maybe one day.

  16. What gorgeous pieces! The colors are probably not a combination I would have thought of , but wow, they really work together nicely!

  17. I love the color combo, great soup and I love your creations with the black cord.


  18. I let all my facebook friend know about your nice giveaway. I also posted onto my Jeanette’s Photography facebook AND my Treasures by Terry facebook.

  19. WOW! Very pretty pieces! I really LOVE the colors. That pair of earrings on the far right are my favorite. I think its the color of the purple. I need to learn to macrame. I shared on FB, liked on FB, shared on G+ and tweeted about it.

  20. Lisa Liddy says:

    Love what you did with the colors! Wish I were closer to be able to attend ArtBliss sometime.

  21. I love the colors you used!
    thanks for the giveaway, I shared on FB
    ciao dall’Italia

  22. very inventive projects! congratulations!

  23. ohh wow!! I love them!!! They work out great! and indeed the black linen highlight te beads and the colors very good! Congratulations, great choice!

  24. Great use of the colors, even if they’re not what you normally work with! Turned out great!

  25. I just LOVE that bracelet! The contrast between the colors and the black is beautiful…what a wonderful job you did with your soup!

  26. Just love these funky designs. So much fun. 😉

  27. Beautiful! The color mixes are so gorgeous!

  28. You were not used to working with those colours but you made some fabulous pieces. The black waxed cord works brilliantly!! Great skills, wonderful!!

  29. Beautiful work!!!Love every piece! Sandi, Thank you for your warm comment on my web…

  30. Oh, I love the black waxed linen cording for the soup! What a nice change from wire and chain. Beautiful!!

  31. Great job with your soup. The black really does make the colors pop.

  32. Great job. Purple and black great combo.

  33. Beautiful work. I love the waxed linen 🙂

  34. Wow the purple and green really pop!!! I love the color combination. I love the earrings!

  35. Everything is gorgeous. Love the black waxed linen and the way it just runs through all the color. It’s beautiful. Great job!

  36. Wow! Totally fab designs! Not your typical color palette and I like that. You did a really Soup-er job!

  37. So vibrant and eclectic Love everything you did with those beads. Fantastic soup!

  38. that black is really the perfect choice, so fresh and crisp. great work!

  39. WOW lovely pieces.Pop right off the page.I added you in the web site.Does that count ? LOL Love and hugs Tanya

  40. Love all of your creations, but my fav are the earrings with the lime balls on the top! The color is so bold and fun!

  41. Great job creating all those lovely pieces with your soup mix! I really love how that black pops all the bright colors out! *Ü*

  42. That black linen really does make those colors pop quite brightly. It was an excellent choice. As well, your designs really have a flow to them. It all came out so beautifully! 🙂

  43. I’m from Ancona, Marche 🙂
    I never visited Naples, but I know pretty well Rome, I lived there for a month too (about 10 years ago)… beautiful city!

  44. The black was the perfect way to bring all the disparate colors together without letting them become garish — this way, they’re sophisticated and lovely!

  45. What vibrant color in your pieces. I like the texture and design of your bracelet. They all go together wonderfully.

  46. Nice soup:) The earrings are my favorite part. The purple and green together really pop. I wish I could join all of you at Art Bliss it sounds like so much fun.

  47. I really like what you did with the waxed linen. You are absolutely right that it makes those fun colors pop. It’s a really interesting color pallet, but I like it a lot! Have fun at artBLISS!

  48. Love the necklace and of course the use of the cord.

  49. The colors you had to work with are amazing! I absolutely love your pieces, I would never have thought to use those colors, but would love to try them! Great Job! gv

  50. Love your necklace, bracelet, and both pairs of earrings! The colors are terrific!

  51. a very creative use of your soup! you did a great job, well done!

  52. Angela Mullis says:

    I love your designs! The color combos make me want get up and move! I would love to win one of these giveaway! Thanks!

  53. Great choice of black with the colours. Love the earrings and the bracelet looks like it would be fun to wear.

  54. Lovely work, the pieces look good enough to eat!

  55. They look great, the black linen cord really makes the colours stand out! The earrings are really cute too, love the colours!

  56. Gorgeous!! Using the black lines is a fabulous idea, really makes the colors pop!

  57. Kathy Lindemer says:

    I love the colors and designs!


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