Holiday Ornament Swap and Focus on Life Ornate

I love doing the ornament swap that Sally Russick hosts and was lucky to be paired with Linda Landig this year. I love the ornament Linda sent. Linda made the stone snowflake and topped it with a beautiful lamp work bead.  For  Linda’s ornament I wanted to make a stained glass type star. When that […]

Walking this year and Focus on Life Week 46-Faithful

I am finally coming up for air after a very difficult summer and fall. One thing I started doing this year is walking with friends.  A couple of friends had challenges at work to see who got the most steps. Weekly now I have walked with many friends before school during the week, early in […]

Focus on life-Week 26-Free Space

I am jumping back in this week. It has been a flurry of activity in my life and I have spent very little time in the studio or even at my computer. I have been enjoying days spent with family and friends and juggling more than I care too, but it is all good and […]

Focus on Life Week 10-The Big Picture

I think winter will never end, but I know Spring is around the corner. The weeks keep flying by and I am trying to take one day at a time. It is hard not to get caught up in the little things  left undone, but I am trying to  focus on the big picture. I […]

Focus on Life-Week 8 Color and Week 9 up close

Thanks to Sally and all the participants you are all so inspiring.  I am trying to play catch up although I skipped the collage week 7 I hope to add that some time along the way. I really try to capture a picture of something I did during the week. I picked up more paint […]

Focus on Life Week 6-Quiet Calm

This is my second year participating in  Focus on Life…thank you Sally and all the participants I am stretching myself in so many ways. I took my first paining class last night and it was definitely a quiet calm moment as it started to come together and I got in to refining my painting. It […]

Focus on Life Week 4- Word(s)

In an effort to make 2014 a more productive year…I am choosing the word finish. I used to be great about picking a few things that had to be finished each day and finished them. Usually, when I pick 3 things to accomplish  I continue to do more. In 2013 , I  got derailed more […]

Focus on Life Week 3 Self-Portrait

Last year when Sally assigned a self-portrait, I was sure I would not snap an acceptable picture. I not only got one, but I really love it. So, this year I was ready to jump in….many pictures later I have 2 that I am sharing.  Have a fantastic week and thanks for visiting and all […]

Focus on Life Week 2 Silhouette

Focus on Life Week 1 2014- Minimalism

I am thrilled to be continuing my journey  with Sally Russick of the Studio Sublime and all the 2014 Focus on Life Participants. There is still time to sign up. My infinity necklace that belonged to my mom, keeps me connected to her in so many ways and reminds me of infinite possibilities in the […]