Inspiration and Action a Creative Guide

I am so grateful to be walking this path as a creative, but it isn’t always easy. The wealth of information at our fingertips is truly overwhelming.

I feel like I am finally cracking the code of inspiration and action. We all need some inspiration, but we also need to take action.  Last  year I started  listening to podcasts with Tiffany Han  and wow, they are full of inspiration and I feel like in my head I am saying yes, yes yes.  Many of these podcasts motivated me to get to doing the work, but I felt like I needed more.

I had been following Marketing Your Creativity by Lisa Jacobs, but I wasn’t engaged.  Finally Lisa’s voice reached me, resonated with me and I felt like I had a coach in my corner and the marketing savvy that I lacked.   I am a maker, I love making, but marketing seemed elusive.  I felt like I knew what to do, but it was like a diet I was not following it.  I have to say I am not sure why it all seemed to click, but I think it was because I was ready and willing to change they way I am doing things.

I would be remiss if I didn’t add the tool that really has helped with my process is,  using the Bullet Journal by Ryder Carroll. I have always kept a notebook for as long as I can remember, a steno, a legal pad, my levenger planner…the brillance in Ryders system for me is the index and collection pages.  I have my small bright orange leuchtturm bullet journal that I carry everywhere, the color makes me happy and I can add notes easily. I also have a big levenger planner for business and blogging that I am numbering pages and keeping an index.  Writing down the actionable steps, not just a to do list has really helped me move forward.


Bullet JournalI have always loved simplicity, so finding inspiration,  action and  a tool to use, I know I will have a great 2016.   So I challenge you to find the one person that inspires, one person who helps you take action and a tool to help keep you on track.  Let me know where are you find inspiration, action and the tool you use.

If you fail to plan you plan to fail. Ben Franklin.

Sandi Volpe

My post contains an affiliate link to the journal that I use, my blog will only contain links to  products  that I personally use and recommend.








Walking this year and Focus on Life Week 46-Faithful

I am finally coming up for air after a very difficult summer and fall.

One thing I started doing this year is walking with friends.  A couple of friends had challenges at work to see who got the most steps. Weekly now I have walked with many friends before school during the week, early in the morning on the weekends and even at soccer games.  The walking and talking has deepened my friendships and made this year so much easier to manage.

We frequently walk the paths by my house that have creeks. Lately we have seen a blue heron  on our walks.  This week I felt like it was posing and we were able to get close enough to take a picture. I love that I have such peace and tranquility that is near me.  I have had faith in my journey this year and try to take it one step at a time.  Have a great week.




Heron in flight

Focus on life-Week 26-Free Space

I am jumping back in this week.

It has been a flurry of activity in my life and I have spent very little time in the studio or even at my computer.

I have been enjoying days spent with family and friends and juggling more than I care too, but it is all good and I am thankful for  every single moment of

this beautiful life I get to live.

I am spending a couple of days in the country and hope I will get some great pics to post.

I am writing and scheduling this post ahead of time so I just need to add my pictures on my return on Friday and hope to get back on schedule of taking and posting pics and visiting the weeks I have missed.

Thanks for all the encouragement and comments, they warm my heart and make me smile more than you can imagine.

I hope everyone’s summer is off to a good start. I hope to be engaged with my blog and studio once more and plan on getting my boys to help me organize my studio space.


photo (6)

photo (7)
photo (8)

Focus on Life Week 10-The Big Picture

I think winter will never end, but I know Spring is around the corner.

The weeks keep flying by and I am trying to take one day at a time.

It is hard not to get caught up in the little things  left undone, but I am trying to  focus on the big picture.

I had an enjoyable field trip to Jamestown, Virginia with my youngest.

I planned on packing my big camera, but it was going to be a cold and rainy day.

I am posting 2 pictures, one by my young photographer of the Powhatan Indian huts called yehakins and one of the re-created boats of Jamestown and the shore.

It was a great day and we look forward to going again in nicer weather.

 Jamestown, Virginia

I  will be enjoying a great weekend of soccer.  My oldest is back playing after a serious injury last year and I am so grateful for his recovery and the joy of watching him play.

I hope Spring is here soon and don’t forget to spring your clocks forward tonight!

Focus on Life-Week 8 Color and Week 9 up close

Thanks to Sally and all the participants you are all so inspiring.  I am trying to play catch up although I skipped the collage week 7 I hope to add that some time along the way.

I really try to capture a picture of something I did during the week. I picked up more paint to create some paintings, I am sure some paintings will show up in the coming weeks.

Focus on Life Color

March,  I love the theme of stepping out.  I am trying to get out and connect. This week I went to 1Millioncups in Loudoun to see a presentation and connect with other entrepreneurs.

I also went to an open studio hosted by Mary Kearns of Herban Lifestyle.  I purchased some incredible lip balm and a solid hand lotion in a tin, brilliant innovation  and the smell is just amazing.

Focus on Life-Herban Lifestyle

I am finding more and more that connecting with other creatives and entrepreneurs inspiring. I love  their energy and creativity and they  give me ideas that I may not have considered.

If any of you are local, I am always looking for creative play dates or field trips.

Thanks for stopping by, I am really ready for spring and I hope she shows up by the end of the month.





Focus on Life Week 6-Quiet Calm

This is my second year participating in  Focus on Life…thank you Sally and all the participants I am stretching myself in so many ways.

I took my first paining class last night and it was definitely a quiet calm moment as it started to come together and I got in to refining my painting.

It was just what I needed to add something different to my creative routine. Have a wonderful week and I hope something brought you quiet calm this week.



Focus on Life Week 4- Word(s)

In an effort to make 2014 a more productive year…I am choosing the word finish.

I used to be great about picking a few things that had to be finished each day and finished them.

Usually, when I pick 3 things to accomplish  I continue to do more.

In 2013 , I  got derailed more than normal and felt  like I was lucky to do the bare minimum.

I know the one thing that helps me accomplish my goals is consistent exercise, it clears my head and gives me energy to tackle what ever my day has ahead.

I just read a quote similar to this in a magazine…I never regret exercising, I only regret when I skip a work out.

This is so true for me, so heres to finishing a work out and my goals for the day.

Just for fun my picture is  snapped from a French verb dictionary.

What helps you stay on track, please share.  Thanks for coming by and have a great week.


Focus On Life Week 52-Saying Goodbye

I have really enjoyed Focus on Life this year.

I was contemplating the last prompt, and was so excited to see  Sally offering Focus on Life for 2014.

Sign up today for the early bird pricing.

I am not saying goodbye…but I am saying hello to what is next on the horizon.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Sally  and all the participants for inspiring me this year and I look forward to continuing the journey next year.

I would love suggestions on how to be more efficient visiting blogs…so send me your hints.

Warm Wishes to you and yours for a Healthy and Happy New Year and to what is next on the horizon.

Manasquan Inlet


Focus On Life Week 51-Togertherness

My favorite time to spend with anyone is over the making or eating of food.  I can not believe Sally has lead us through this entire year.

I know food photos do not always look great, so I waited until I made a batch of red velvet cookies with rolos in the center.

I follow the recipe from Duncan Hines for red velvet crinkle cookies and substitute vanilla for the lemon zest and form the dough around a rolo for a chewy surprise.

May you and yours enjoy this Holiday Season and Blessings for Christmas and  Peace and Joy New Year!

Please check out Focus on Life for next year at Sally’s blog, The Studio Sublime, I am already signed up and Sally has special pricing through 12/28.

Red Velvet Cookies

Focus on Life- Week 42 All in a day and Week 43 In the Shadows

Focus on Life has been a weekly photo prompt challenge by  Sally Russick of the Studio Sublime.

I have had trouble keeping up this fall, but I am trying to catch up this weekend.

I finally re-stocked the ArtSpace Gallery gift shop in the  town of Herndon, Virginia. The ladies were great at giving me feedback and I sold a couple of items  at drop off…happy dance!!!

A couple of new enamel pendants, I am really happy with the way they came out.


Enamel Pendants

I feel like I have been in the shadows as far as creating jewelry.

I was thrilled to read Kris Lanae Binfelds  blog showing her  bead soup winning design in the fall issue of Jewelry Affaire magazine, which includes all the bead Soup Winners.

My name is even listed as her bead soup partner, big happy dance.

I was Kris’s bead soup partner  and sent her some of my first lamp work beads and swirl head pins as well as a focal by Barbara Bechtel of Second Surf that Kris incorporated in her gorgeous design.

I also sent her a grey swirl bead by HMB Studios, that I wired wrapped that Kris used in the design.

To read about this bead soup check out my post here.

Thanks to Lori Anderson for connecting us and you can read all about the Bead Soup Party at Lori’s blog.

Thanks to all the bead and jewelry makers that inspire me each and every day, my life is so much richer for this creative community!

I have a batch of swirl headpins to pick up next week at the studio to be made in to necklaces and will be making more, please leave me a comment with your email  if you are interested in purchasing them and I will send you  a note when I have some listed in my shop. 

Thanks for stopping  by and have a great week!!!


BSBP Kris Lanae Binsfeld Design