Inspiration and Action a Creative Guide

I am so grateful to be walking this path as a creative, but it isn’t always easy. The wealth of information at our fingertips is truly overwhelming. I feel like I am finally cracking the code of inspiration and action. We all need some inspiration, but we also need to take action.  Last  year I […]

Walking this year and Focus on Life Week 46-Faithful

I am finally coming up for air after a very difficult summer and fall. One thing I started doing this year is walking with friends.  A couple of friends had challenges at work to see who got the most steps. Weekly now I have walked with many friends before school during the week, early in […]

Focus on Life Week 6-Quiet Calm

This is my second year participating in  Focus on Life…thank you Sally and all the participants I am stretching myself in so many ways. I took my first paining class last night and it was definitely a quiet calm moment as it started to come together and I got in to refining my painting. It […]

Focus on Life Week 4- Word(s)

In an effort to make 2014 a more productive year…I am choosing the word finish. I used to be great about picking a few things that had to be finished each day and finished them. Usually, when I pick 3 things to accomplish  I continue to do more. In 2013 , I  got derailed more […]

Focus On Life Week 52-Saying Goodbye

I have really enjoyed Focus on Life this year. I was contemplating the last prompt, and was so excited to see  Sally offering Focus on Life for 2014. Sign up today for the early bird pricing. I am not saying goodbye…but I am saying hello to what is next on the horizon. Thank you from […]

Focus On Life Week 51-Togertherness

My favorite time to spend with anyone is over the making or eating of food.  I can not believe Sally has lead us through this entire year. I know food photos do not always look great, so I waited until I made a batch of red velvet cookies with rolos in the center. I follow […]

Focus on Life Week 23 – Typography

It was a week of waiting for surgery for my son’s broken leg. I was feeling a bit anxious the night before  as I drove to soccer practice (for his brother), a car passed and the license plate read BREEATHE. I was not able to snap a picture, but Breathe is my word of the […]

Focus on Life week 10- wrapped up

This week I hosted Bunko at my house, this is a dice game that I play with my friends and I call it a girl’s version of poker night. We always put snacks on the table. I decided to put Hershey miniatures on one table. The idea was to have a variety of candy and […]

Focus on Life -week 8 monochromatic

I love seeing this towering oak across the street from my house, it is hauntingly beautiful. Thanks for joining me today, please go visit the other participants at the Studio Sublime.

Breathe…Photo 2 and Memories and Thanks

First I want to say thank you to everyone for the all the beautiful  comments last week and making the first week of Sally’s Focus on life  so special, I tried to make it to all the blogs  and really enjoyed reading all of our stories. Secondly, thanks to Lori Anderson for hosting the Memories […]