Creating with Cabochons

Sally Russick is one of my first beady friends that I met in class at ArtBliss, she is inspiring and creative.

I signed up for the creating with cabochons challenge with good intentions, but chickened out in completing  my plan.

I have a gorgeous cab by Kerry Bogart and I am afraid I will mess up setting it, so it sits on my workbench waiting to be finished.

I chickened out, mainly because I have not had a torch out in so long.

I am posting my in progress project and hope to get my torch out and practice so I can finish and have a beautiful new pendant.

Cab Challenge


If anyone is local and wants to coach me thru my fear or face time me, please let me know.

Thanks for coming by, and please stop by and see all the fabulous creations by the other participants.

Sandi Volpe-You are here.



  1. Therese says:

    Hi Sandi,
    That is a very pretty start to what is going to be a beautiful pendant. I feel ya on the torch part. It has been over a year since I held a torch in my hand. Thank you for showing your progress.

  2. Hi Sandi, I know just how you feel about torching. I am very intimidated by them and would love to join in on your tutoring. The cab is gorgeous and is just waiting for your TLC! Meantime, I’m glad you shared your inspiration!

  3. This is going to be fabulous, I understand the part about the torch, I never dared touch one! I hope you will show us the result soon!

  4. Okay…what is the worst thing that will happen???? If the first time does not work, add it to your silver scrap to be recycled pile and start again!!! You can do it!!! I have faith in you!

    It is a gorgeous cab!

  5. Cynthia says:

    So sorry for being late! Traveling this weekend. I know the feeling of not wanting to mess up a gorgeous art bead! I’m still hoarding those sweet headpins you gifted me from bead fest! This will be such a sweet piece when you’re done!

  6. Hi Sandi, Your cab is lovely. You will be able to set that cab. Just trust in yourself and go for it.

  7. Sally Russick says:

    Sandi, thank you for posting the progress of bezeling your cab. It can be scary using the flame and trying something new. Wish I lived closer, I would run right over to help you through the process!!!