Some recommended books…

Metalsmithing class…oh the possibilites

I took a great metal smithing class this week.  I really love working with wire and tools.  I made this bracelet and a pair of earrings!!!

I have been taking classes to see what direction the jewlery making will take me, metalsmithing has been one of my goals for this year. I love working with metal. It is the second time taking the course with the same instructor. I took this course when I first started making jewelry, all I can say that I have come along way. I feel comfortable with the tools, I am not afraid of the torch and the possibilites for creating my own componetnts is exhilirating.

Getting a chunk a time to work on my craft, thanks to my family, is really fantastic.  I get to be just me working and learning a new skill and making some fabulous new jewelry!!!

Flying Lessons…Kelly Rae Roberts

I am still trying to digest all the great information in Kelly Rae’s ecourse.  It was a fantastic class and it will take some time for all that I learned to sink in, but I feel moved and motivated and on the right path and it is all good.  I think that the journey that we are all on in this life is like a treasure hunt…we are looking for the treasure, but in the meantime we find something so much more valuable than the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.   

Thanks Kelly Rae for such great inspiration!!!BWS tips button


Kelly Rae Roberts

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Summer and the living is easy…Carpe Diem

So here I sit trying write a post. It is summer in full mode and the living is easy as long as you are not trying to accomplish anything.

I love summer, I still feel like a kid and it is school break and we should just play and have fun in the sun..which we have done a lot of… 4 states 4 beaches all in a matter of weeks.   But I hear the call of laundry and tidying and jewelry making and kids wanting to be played with and not enough hours in the day.   So I will publish this post, get back to having fun and try to enjoy this unstructured time with my boys!!!

Dream big… or go home

It is not about the end game, but the journey and the effort. We can push beyond what we think we can, if we just work hard and try.  It does not always mean we will be successful, but if we try something, we feel successful and learn from that experience. 

Being a recreational runner, I always thought of a 5k race as short even though I ran 10k races, which to marathoners is short.  I run to clear my head, eat chocolate and to enjoy the great outdoors.  Some times I love it, some times I hate it, but when I am done I always feel better.   My husband is a runner too.  As we discussed an upcoming 5k race , he said that my pace should be challenging enough that I left all my effort out on the course. This was a new way of thinking about a 5k.

Race day I decided to challenge my pace and lined up with a group running the pace I wanted to maintain.  An aggressive pace for me!!  A neighbor’s daughter was running and I decided to run with her, she is very fast. Needless to say she helped me  smash my goal pace the first 2 miles and then I slowed a bit for the third.  I felt great that I pushed the boundaries of what I thought I could do.  So lesson learned Dream big with your goals and put out good effort and you can go home with smile on your face and bounce in your step.  Challenge yourself today!!!

Thank you for being you…

New to the blogging world, I would not have been brave enough to start a business let alone a blog without my family and friends.

Thanks for the poking and prodding, and occasional kick in the bum to put me on this path.

Thank you for words of encouragement, constructive criticism, a hug,  a smile and the unending belief  you have in me.

To all that have touched my life, you have given me something different, but something necessary that I could only get from you!!!

Thank you for being you, letting me be me and making a difference in my life.