Focus on Life Week 4- Word(s)

In an effort to make 2014 a more productive year…I am choosing the word finish.

I used to be great about picking a few things that had to be finished each day and finished them.

Usually, when I pick 3 things to accomplish  I continue to do more.

In 2013 , I  got derailed more than normal and felt  like I was lucky to do the bare minimum.

I know the one thing that helps me accomplish my goals is consistent exercise, it clears my head and gives me energy to tackle what ever my day has ahead.

I just read a quote similar to this in a magazine…I never regret exercising, I only regret when I skip a work out.

This is so true for me, so heres to finishing a work out and my goals for the day.

Just for fun my picture is  snapped from a French verb dictionary.

What helps you stay on track, please share.  Thanks for coming by and have a great week.


Focus on Life Week 3 Self-Portrait

Last year when Sally assigned a self-portrait, I was sure I would not snap an acceptable picture. I not only got one, but I really love it.

So, this year I was ready to jump in….many pictures later I have 2 that I am sharing.  Have a fantastic week and thanks for visiting and all your wonderful comments!

To be able to capture a picture of yourself that feels like the essence of how you view yourself is fantastic.  I love these 2 photos because I really feel like my eyes are smiling.

The top and bottom photos have been softened with the middle one left as is.

photo (28) (1)

Self PortraitSelf portrait

Focus on Life Week 2 Silhouette

Focus on Life Week 2

Focus on Life Week 1 2014- Minimalism

I am thrilled to be continuing my journey  with Sally Russick of the Studio Sublime and all the 2014 Focus on Life Participants. There is still time to sign up.

My infinity necklace that belonged to my mom, keeps me connected to her in so many ways and reminds me of infinite possibilities in the simplicity of life every day.

May the New Year bring you health, happiness and infinite possibilities, thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week.

 Focus On Life Week 1

Focus On Life Week 52-Saying Goodbye

I have really enjoyed Focus on Life this year.

I was contemplating the last prompt, and was so excited to see  Sally offering Focus on Life for 2014.

Sign up today for the early bird pricing.

I am not saying goodbye…but I am saying hello to what is next on the horizon.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Sally  and all the participants for inspiring me this year and I look forward to continuing the journey next year.

I would love suggestions on how to be more efficient visiting blogs…so send me your hints.

Warm Wishes to you and yours for a Healthy and Happy New Year and to what is next on the horizon.

Manasquan Inlet


Focus On Life Week 51-Togertherness

My favorite time to spend with anyone is over the making or eating of food.  I can not believe Sally has lead us through this entire year.

I know food photos do not always look great, so I waited until I made a batch of red velvet cookies with rolos in the center.

I follow the recipe from Duncan Hines for red velvet crinkle cookies and substitute vanilla for the lemon zest and form the dough around a rolo for a chewy surprise.

May you and yours enjoy this Holiday Season and Blessings for Christmas and  Peace and Joy New Year!

Please check out Focus on Life for next year at Sally’s blog, The Studio Sublime, I am already signed up and Sally has special pricing through 12/28.

Red Velvet Cookies

Holiday Ornament Swap/Focus on Life Week 50 Pop of Red

I am happy again to be participating in Sally Russick’s Ornament Swap this year.  I was paired with Tanya Goodwin, who sent me 2 beautifully woven ornaments.

I had a brief encounter with bead weaving and all I can say it is amazing what Tanya created. Tanya sent me 2 ornaments, both on spools and featuring beautiful designs and art beads.

The larger spool has a poinsettia with a hollow bead by Genea Beads and the smaller spool has a nutcracker with a ceramic bead by Karen Totten of Starry Road Studio

I was thrilled to receive these beautiful ornaments from Tanya and the pop of red in the smaller one is just perfect for my Focus on Life Photo. As we decorate the tree this weekend I look forward to adding them to my collection.

Have a wonderful week and thanks so much to Sally for hosting and Tanya for creating beautifully designed ornaments.  Peace and Joy for the Holidays!


photo 1 (1)

 photo 2 (1)

Please checkout all the other handmade ornaments.

List of Holiday Ornament Swappers

Sally Russick and Beth and Evie McCord

Erin Prais-Hintz and Melissa Trudinger

Karen Williams and Shirley Moore

Lori Finney and Alicia Marinache

D Lynne Bowland and Paula Kramer

Kim Bender Hora and Jenny Davies Reazor

Becky Pancake and Lori Anderson

Veralynne Malone and Therese Frank

Tanya Goodwin and Sandi Volpe

Jeanette Ryan and Rochelle Brisson

Patti Vanderbloemen and Susan Kennedy


Focus On Life Week 47-Centerpiece, 48-Give Thanks

As I pondered this week’s prompt I knew that the centerpiece of my life was people and connecting with them in a meaningful and present way.

I was spending too much time on juggling and getting things done and not enough quality time with people.

First up was a beer with my hubby at a local brewery, my picture for week 47.

I made a conscious effort to get out  more. I  met an artist friend for coffee, went to an artist gathering, made connections at a local gallery and was asked to participate in an open house.

I am so energized by people and in  day to day of life, I some times do not take the time to make the connections.

My second photo is a sugar skull birthday cake, a group of friends were out celebrating a birthday and I asked if I could snap a picture of the cake…pretty cool.

I give thanks to all my family and friends and love every minute we get to spend together…it is so worth it and I am thankful that I have made that an ongoing priority.


Lost Rhino photo 2 (2)



Focus on Life Week 45 Industrial and Week 46 Reflect

I have driven by Herndon Irons Works so many times saying I would stop to check it out.

When Sally gave us the Industrial theme, I knew I had to go on a photo safari.  Below are the pictures I liked from the shoot.




Herndon Iron Works


I have been in a reflective mode about my jewelry making  for most of this year, 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. I almost feel like I have been in a rut.

I think the one thing I have learned is what I do not want to do.  Knowing this,  gets me closer to what I want to do and enables me to just focus on that and clear out old inventory and supplies.

I am also am thrilled that this week I made a pair of earrings with a pair of lamp work beads that I made and I love them.

The copper had been embossed, fold formed  and patinated, but needed something else.

I added a curve to it, thanks to the insight from Stacie Florer’s class at ArtBliss and it changed the component. I used a wine cork to shape the curve.

I was looking for the right beads to make earrings and  I was thrilled that a pair of lamp work I recently made fit perfectly.

So with a lot of patience and perseverance,  I was able to finish  this pair.

As I reflect back over the year I realize I have been torn between where I was and where I want to go.

Finishing this pair made the path clear again. Thanks for visiting and have a great week!!

Copper and blue earrings


Focus on Life Week 44-Saints, Souls, Sugar Skulls or Scares

I really wanted to capture a cool shadow in the dark, a bit spooky and mysterious.

One morning as I went out for my walk,  I saw a leafy shadow captured on one of the pumpkins on our front stoop.  I snapped a few pics and luckily I was able to capture it with  a bit of cropping and light adjustment .

Happy November everyone.


Halloween 2013