Photographing your Jewelry, how I learned to take better pictures

I have been making jewelry for several years and I have finally found my style and what makes my heart sing.

I sell very well at the small trunk shows that I do, but I knew that to get to the next level I had to up my game in taking photos of my jewelry.

I have taken some great pictures, but they were hit and miss. I love taking pictures in natural light, but I needed to come up with a consistent way to take great photos and spend more time creating.

I first went to a photographer friend’s house for pointers and she convinced me to nail down the indoor set up with my tent and lights and stick to a gray background.

Pictures definitely improved, but I did not quite have my settings right.  I went  back to the shop where I bought my camera and finally got my settings and the light set up figured out.

What a game changer.   The texture and the color are spot on. Often times our pictures don’t do our handmade jewelry  justice and if someone is buying online they need to.

So, my top 3 tips would be to

  • set up your tent and lighting
  • use a gray background
  • get to know your camera settings

There are plenty of diys on making a light box, which I did initially, but when my camera broke I purchased a pop up light tent. I bought my camera and light tent at Ace Camera in Ashburn, Virginia. I highly recommend this store they have great staff and were helpful with all my questions when I bought my camera and last week when I was trying to get my lighting right.

My pictures were taken with a Nikon D3100,  ISO 400 f/5.6 with 1st picture  1/60, 2nd  1/40,  and final 1/50.

I still love taking photos outside on a cloudy day, but love the results I got after putting in some time to learn what settings to use. What are your favorite photo tips?


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