The Art of Awareness Blog Hop

I am so happy to be poking around in the studio again. Thanks to Lori Anderson and Heather Millican for sponsoring this blog hop.

Every day we have no idea what another person is going through.

I decided to pick  Carpe Diem as one of my beads, because every day is a gift and I want to live it to the fullest.

I decided to pick Namaste which means I acknowledge the divine in you, for more information check out  the information on yoga journal.

This year has been a difficult one for my family, but I feel blessed everyday by the beauty that surrounds me and the souls I see and touch every day.

I walk with friends several times a week and it has been become a highlight of my week and great therapy…I highly recommend it!

I hope you have a beautiful day and thanks for stopping by.

My beads are a work in progress. Carpe Diem has a knotted head pin and a lamp work bead by OutWest.

Namaste is in the works, I really wanted to make a bracelet with the word going across the wrist…finally decided this morning that tab setting it would give it a base to

make it the way I envision it. They will both go on leather.





  1. Great choices of colors and sentiments. I’m sure your final designs will be lovely.

  2. The words and colors you chose are lovely and on their way to being beautiful jewelry! I too am grateful for this blog hop encouraging us all to be aware that we don’t know what people are going through and to react with compassion.

  3. Your bead choices are lovely, and have such wonderful, powerful words. Can’t wait to see your final designs.

  4. Sandi – I know you’ve had a tough year – and glad to see you in the studio! Great thoughts! We need to have another art weekend soon!

  5. Thank you for sharing. These will be lovely

  6. I am excited to see what you end up doing, I do like the way you backed the namaste bead.

  7. Beautiful – simple, clear and direct. Just like the words you chose.

  8. Beautiful choices! Thank you so much for sharing your progress!

  9. Wonder what you will end up doing. Great choices for words.

  10. I love your word choices and I can’t wait to see what is created!

  11. What a lovely beginning ! I hope you’ll share these with us again once the pieces are done 🙂

  12. It will be interesting to see where you go with your beads!

  13. Kepi Rasmussen says:

    Looking forward to seeing what you create with your little beans.

  14. I love how you’re planning the tab setting! And I really appreciate your joining the blog and sharing your thoughts.

  15. I love the words you chose to put on your beads. I hope things settle down for you. I am looking forward to seeing the finished piece.